Inclusive Recruitment:
Opening Doors

Some recruitment practices create barriers for people from disadvantaged groups, find out about our inclusive recruitment initiative.

Nobody should be shut out of work because of their background or life experience. Yet some recruitment practices create barriers for people from disadvantaged groups, meaning that all too often the doors to employment are firmly closed to them.

The Business in the Community inclusive recruitment Opening doors campaign identifies five keys to unlocking employment to ensure that jobs are accessible to all.

Opening your door to disadvantaged jobseekers is not just the right thing to do from a responsible business perspective, it is also essential to business prosperity, helping to address your skills gaps.

Do you have a particular interest in opening doors to refugees?

What if the UK job market was made up of 100 employers?*


Our ambition is to make
2 million jobs more inclusive by 2025

Key Facts
  • COVID-19 and Brexit have significantly impacted the labour market, job vacancies are at a 20-year high1 while long-term unemployment has increased.2
  • People from disadvantaged groups, particularly disabled people, Black and Minority Ethnic people, younger and older people, are finding it difficult to secure work.3
  • One in five (1.7 million) economically inactive people state that they want to work but cannot find a job.4
Five Keys to Unlocking Employment
  1. Create partnerships that connect people from disadvantaged groups to your jobs.
  2. Show candidates that you are committed to inclusion.
  3. Make sure job descriptions and adverts are comprehensive and use inclusive language.
  4. Focus on the essential skills and capabilities that are needed for the job.
  5. Prioritise accessibility and eliminate bias.
Key Resources
  • How to Inspire, Hire and Grow Diverse Talent
    This toolkit provides practical guidance to help businesses inspire future talent, develop inclusive recruitment processes and provide an enabling work environment to help employees thrive.
  • Opening Doors: FAQs
    Find out about the BITC inclusive recruitment campaign: Opening Doors, its aims and objectives, and its ask of employers.
  • Ban the Box employers guide
    Ban the Box employers publicly commit to fairly assessing criminal convictions; judging candidates first and foremost on the basis of their skills and suitability for a role, rather than their past mistakes.
  • How to Ensure Online Recruitment is Accessible and Inclusive (BITC member-only content)
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    This factsheet highlights examples of good practice, showing businesses how to ensure their approaches to virtual recruitment are not inadvertently creating barriers.
  • Supporting Neurodiversity at Work (BITC member-only content)
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    This factsheet aims to raise awareness of the barriers faced by neurodiverse people, set out the business case for employers to develop targeted interventions that support neurodiversity in the workplace, and inspire action by providing examples of existing best practice. 

Key Campaign Endorsers

Thank you to our key campaign endorsers who have committed to contribute their insight and expertise as we deliver the campaign over the next three years.  

Back on Track Manchester

Bridge of Hope




Leonard Cheshire

Movement to Work

Prince’s Trust




St Giles


Youth Employment UK

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