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Lifting up the UK

State of the Nation 2024

Business in the Community’s (BITC) ‘Lifting Up the UK: State of the Nation 2024’ report, in partnership with Barclays and Schroders, with support from JTI UK, looks at what business leaders are doing across the UK to make a positive impact on people, place and the planet. Through demonstrating how business leaders can be a force for good in today’s world and offering valuable insights from Chief Executives and Board members, this report is designed to inspire business leaders to collaborate and come up with innovative solutions to create long-lasting change. 

Report summary

‘Lifting Up the UK: State of the Nation 2024’ report showcases the positive impact that businesses are already making, as we work towards building a fairer and greener world together. Whilst great progress has been made, the report highlights that there is still work to be done to create greater long-term impact at pace and scale. 

BITC surveyed and interviewed Chief Executives and Board members from across the UK’s biggest 450 companies to inform the findings of this report, highlighting the major challenges faced by CEOs, how their businesses are addressing key societal and environmental issues, the evolving role of business in society and what further action CEOs are taking. 

BITC is working with businesses in every region of the UK to transform lives, to create a country where: 

– Every young person and disadvantaged job seeker feels supported and has a clear pathway into work. 

– Every employer is investing in skills that are needed for today and for the future, creating workplaces where everyone has the opportunity to grow and reach their full potential, regardless of their background. 

– Every community has a shared sense of pride and hope, with support to tackle the difficult challenges, and has a strong collective vision of a fairer, greener and better tomorrow. 

Report Key Takeaways

We would like to thank all those who have been surveyed and interviewed for this research, and especially our partners, Barclays and Schroders, with support from JTI UK.

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