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Green Skills Lab

A call for Project Partners

Every business must accelerate the just transition to net zero and climate resilience to maintain its license to operate. The scale and speed of transformation required means that every job will become a green job, and every employee will need the essential, professional, and technical skills to thrive.   

In 2021, Business in the Community (BITC) conducted research with YouGov that showed that only 12% of people think their jobs will change, and only 11% believe their job will require them to develop at least a fair amount of new skills to tackle climate change.  

Acting now will help you build a fairer and greener world and maximise your business’ social impact.  

BITC has a limited number of exciting opportunities to join our practitioner’s Green Skills Lab pilot programme. By joining, you will collaborate with like-minded peers, ignite your creativity and push the boundaries of innovation together, and pave the way for others to take action, creating a blueprint that makes a significant impact.  

The opportunity 

As a pioneer, you will be supported by BITC’s team of experts, peers and expert input to help you through five action-learning workshops across six months. You can expect to:

  1. Explore what a just transition approach to climate action means to support your people as the roles your business needs to deliver change.  
  2. Consider how future job roles will differ from current roles, which current and future employees are most likely to be impacted and how you can help them develop the skills and capabilities they will need to thrive.  
  3. Build your strategy for organisational design and workforce planning related to the specific focus area or project you have identified to help build the culture and capabilities you need.  
  4. Expand your network, gain insights from leading UK companies in different sectors and contribute to creating tools and resources to support other businesses to act. 
  5. Identify barriers to action and work with BITC to engage stakeholders to help shape the policy and practices that will enable business action at speed and scale. 

How much it costs

A cost is associated with participation in the Community of Practice, with both BITC Member and Non-Member rates available.

Express your interest now, and a team member will contact you with more information.