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EASYJET: An ever-changing people landscape in a digital world

This month, our host Sarah Travers is joined by Ella Bennett, Group People Director at easyJet Airline Company Limited and Leonard How, Vice President, Digitisation and Product Transformation at Citi Commercial Bank Asia-Pacific and One Young World Ambassador.

In this episode, Sarah and her guests will look at how businesses can act responsibly in an ever-changing people landscape, and how digital works in the transformation of products, processes and people management.

We will see how easyJet is emerging through the pandemic, how it is managing its business through the current challenges and is taking actions that are leading to major changes to the airline’s structure to position easyJet for recovery.

We will also meet our Hong Kong-based guest, Leonard How, who is driving Citi’s digital transformation of its commercial bank segment in Asia, and how digitisation is impacting the way banks approach client delivery today.

Listen to the latest episode of The Lens with easyJet’s Ella Bennett and Leonard How from Citi Commercial Bank.

Our guests

Ella Bennett, Group People Director, easyJet Airline Company Limited

Ella joined easyJet as Group People Director in May 2018. 

easyJet is Europe’s leading airline employing 13,000 people across eight countries. Ella has led the ever-changing people landscape for the airline through Brexit and COVID-19, taking actions that led to made major changes to the airline’s structure to position easyJet for recovery.

Previously Ella was at Sainsbury’s Argos where she led the integration of the Argos and Sainsbury’s non-food businesses to create a multi-product, multi-channel business.

Ella held the role of Group HR Director at Home Retail Group (Homebase, Argos and Habitat) leading the people aspects of Argos’ digital transformation and HR Director for the UK and Ireland HR operations of Fujitsu between 2009 and 2015.

Ella began her HR career in the charity sector and held senior HR roles at mental health charity Mind, and the National Family Services Charity. Ella maintains her connection with the charity sector and passion for performing arts as a trustee of The Roundhouse.

Ella earned her BA (Hons) degree in English literature from the University of Bristol and her Master’s degree from the University of London.

Leonard How, Vice President, Digitisation and Product Transformation, Citi Commercial Bank Asia-Pacific

Leonard leads the digitisation and transformation agenda for Citi Commercial Bank (CCB) across its 11 Asia-Pacific markets while simultaneously driving organisational change in the way the firm approaches digitisation.

In doing so, he manages the design, development and commercialisation of keystone programmes and product launches that collectively elevate the way clients bank with Citi. In turn transforming how Citi banks them at each point in the client journey. In a time where financial institutions are notably embracing the need to digitise, Leonard is a believer that incorporating client-centred design and data-grounded decision-making is key to achieving meaningful success. He is particularly invested in the merger of new digital trends with the latest in user behaviour and is experienced in executing large-scale projects across the product lifecycle while managing cross-functional teams spanning hierarchies and geographies.

Prior to his current role, Leonard began his career as a financial correspondent with Thomson Reuters, before joining the CCB Singapore office where he was involved in business planning and product marketing for the Singapore market. After acquiring four years of in-country experience he was invited to join the Asia-Pacific office in 2017 and is now based in Hong Kong.


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