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The Lens: UK Responsible Business Podcast

Join global business leaders and emerging future leaders for an unscripted conversation that will challenge the way you think about responsible business.

Every month, The Lens: UK Responsible Business Podcast brings together a global business leader and an emerging future leader for an open and unscripted conversation. It will challenge the way you think about responsible business. Listen, rate and subscribe on Acast, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or your preferred podcast provider. The Lens is supported and produced by McCann and in partnership with One Young World.

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SUEZ UK and AUDI AG – Pioneering circular economy approaches to responsible business

This month, our host, Sarah Travers, is joined by Dr Adam Read, Chief Sustainability & External Affairs Officer at SUEZ UK – a leading global provider of environmental solutions, and by Philipp Eder, Sustainability Strategist / Procurement Strategy, AUDI AG. 

In this episode, we will explore the circular economy from two very different organisations, but from our two guests’ perspectives – both committed to improving the world. 


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What a year it was!

Many thanks to all our listeners all over the world. Thanks to McCann for their generous support of this podcast, to One Young World, our Business In The Community (BITC) member companies. We of course would also like to thank our inspiring guests, the senior and future leaders making the world of business more responsible, illuminating new perspectives and leading by example. Season three was powered by Fujitsu.

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