Circular Economy

Every single business in the UK must take action to avert the climate crisis. Business in the Community’s (BITC) network of organisations is working with us to take climate action. With its enormous potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions creating a circular economy is an essential part of tackling the crisis.

Key facts

  • The Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimates that energy efficiency and grid decarbonisation will be able to achieve 55% of the emissions reduction necessary to limit global temperature rises to 1.5 degrees by 20501. However, the remaining 45% reduction will have to come from tackling the overlooked emissions associated with carbon intensive products and food.
  • Circle Economy estimate that circular strategies could cut global greenhouse gas emissions by 39%2
  • Green Alliance argue the circular economy could deliver 80% of the emissions reduction needed to meet the UK’s fifth carbon budget (2028 to 2033).3

The circular economy tends to be poorly implemented in businesses.

This is despite the World Economic Forum reporting circular economy and material efficiency as being the lowest cost method of reducing supply chain emissions. On average each tonne of carbon reduced through circular methods comes at a cost of less that €104.  

Next steps

BITC is calling for all companies to embrace circular economy practices as a core aspect of their climate action plan. 


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