Accelerating to net zero with the circular economy

This Accelerating to Net zero with the Circular Economy factsheet helps businesses to think more holistically about emissions, including how these might spread throughout supply chains.

To date, most business and government responses to the climate crisis have focused primarily on emissions associated with energy use. This approach, taken on its own, fails to address the hidden carbon impacts from the whole lifecycle of the products which we buy and use. These range from material extraction, to manufacturing, distribution, operation, and disposal.

All businesses are responsible for reporting the indirect emissions across the various stage of the product lifecycle (known as Scope 3 emissions).

To reduce these lifecycle emissions, we must think about more effective ways to manage the flow of materials in order to consume less and meet society’s needs. This is where the circular economy can accelerate pathways to lower emissions. 

About this factsheet

The Accelerating to Net zero with the Circular Economy factsheet provides information on:

  • defining the circular economy
  • the lifecycle phases of a product
  • redesigning business models
  • practical steps to adopt circular approaches
  • jargon busting
  • further guidance

How BITC can support your organisation

  • We are supporting BITC members to set net zero carbon targets that align to the United Nations’ target to limit temperature rises to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. If you have not already – join BITC. We have resources, expert advice, and support from other members to help.
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Thanks to Business in the community’s (BITC) Net Zero Carbon Taskforce for their expertise and insights in producing this guide.

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