Diversity and Inclusion Manager
Foundation Training

A six-day professional development programme for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) practitioners.

The programme has been designed with Business in the Community (BITC) advisory expertise with the input of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) practitioners across different sectors. The course follows an intersectional approach to diversity and inclusion. It aims to give professionals with EDI responsibility:

  • a firm theoretical foundation
  • a strong understanding of the tools that can drive change
  • an appreciation of the skills they need to deliver work that creates genuine impact.

The course will be led by one of BITC’s most experienced facilitators with specialist input from experts in our advisory team. Professionals from our member organisations will also share their experience as guest speakers.

Key benefits

  • Develop a strong and broad understanding of diversity and inclusion issues.
  • Obtain the tools and framework needed to manage diversity and inclusion strategies on a day-to-day basis.
  • Build your capacity to deliver interventions with deep organisational buy-in that create meaningful change.
  • Create a network of peers across different organisations to support your diversity and inclusion career.

Modules and objectives

1. Rationale and Strategies

Appreciate the legal, business and moral case for diversity and inclusion activity, understand the elements to a successful strategy and start to develop a network of support.

2. Culture and Language

Understand the issues for particular minority and marginalised groups and individuals, navigate the ever-changing language of inclusion and appreciate the power of an intersectional approach.

3. Data and Stakeholders

Learn skills and tactics to gather and use your organisational data, and map your stakeholders to define your priorities.

4. Policy and Practice

Explore ways to develop and implement policies that drive change, gain skills to put policy into practice, and learn how to deal with critical views from all sides.

5. Networking and Influencing

Identify your personal brand and how you can drive change, and understand how great mentoring and sponsorship programmes build success for all.

6. Listening and Learning

Develop the skills to listen to the lived experience of the colleagues around you, explore ways to set your own boundaries, build your resilience and avoid burn out.


Price for one participant
  • Full course BITC member rate: £3,800 plus VAT
  • Full course non-member rate: £4,000 plus VAT

We apply a 25% discount to the cost for a second participant.

Upcoming module dates

  • Module 1:
    4 May 2022
  • Module 2:
    8 June 2022
  • Module 3:
    29 June 2022
  • Module 4:
    13 July 2022
  • Module 5:
    21 September
  • Module 6:
    12 October