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Diverse and Inclusive Supply Chains

The Diverse and Inclusive Supply Chains project in collaboration with YouGov, aims to promote, diversity, equity, and inclusion in procurement practices among large organisations and small businesses.

At Business in the Community (BITC), we believe that employers should ensure Black, Asian, Mixed Race and other ethnically diverse owned businesses are part of their supply chain contracts. This is commitment seven of our Race at Work Charter.

Our Race at Work Charter Survey 2023 findings found that out of 238 UK employers:

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About the survey findings

As part of phase one of the project, the results will be analysed, and we will launch a report in October 2024.

The report will include clear practical calls to action, based on evidence of any disparities and trends that are found. This will be categorised by the following demographics:

Gender – Social background – Age – Region

Phase two is an analysis with senior academics from Queen Mary University of London, University of Dundee, and the University of York. This review will be categorised by:

UK nations – Intersection of ethnicity – Gender – Age – Disability and neurodiversity – LGBTQIA+ stakeholders

Who can complete the survey?
  • Leaders who hold budgets and can influence customers, goods, and services to collaborate with procurement partners through their supply and value chains.
  • Employees who work within an organisation that engages with external suppliers to deliver their business outcomes. We want to hear stories of progression in the workplace and opportunities they’ve had to influence key issues in their organisation.
  • Small business owners, founders, consultants, charitable organisations, social enterprises, and self-employed individuals to tell us about their experiences working with large organisations and what would enable them to continue to scale up their businesses and enhance their partnership opportunities.

The survey is now live, you can complete it here. The survey will close on 7 June 2024.

You can also make the commitment to make race equity a priority in your organisation, and sign our Race at Work Charter, here.

Diverse and inclusive supply chains are a source of resources and services, that come from Black, Asian, Mixed Race and other ethnically diverse businesses and those from all protected characteristics.

By partnering with businesses from various backgrounds, you gain access to new ideas, competitive pricing, and ethical practices. It allows a fair and equitable opportunity to compete for business.