Kevin Davis mid-presentation

Kevin Davis

Chief Executive Officer,
The Vine Trust 

West Midlands Leadership Board

Kevin Davis is Chief Executive Officer of The Vine Trust Group, a pioneering third sector organisation based in Walsall, that `prepares young people for life’

He is a prolific social entrepreneur, with an intrinsic talent for conceptualising and communicating vision.Kevin has an ability to empower consensus, across the public, private and third sector for the achievement of common goals.

Kevin serves his local community as a third sector champion with particular success in the development of responsible business and faith inspired organisations.

The Vine Trust, is a community development trust that operates as an innovative faith inspired social enterprise, working to support and elevate the lives of ‘hard to reach’ young people (13-25 year olds).

It is actively engaged in economic, environmental and social regeneration and mainly sets up and runs an inclusive mix of services and facilities which respond to the needs of its communities. Projects include property development, managed workspace, community businesses, arts programmes, sports and leisure facilities, retail and market space, town centre management, environmental improvement, education work, employment training, information services, community development, social provision, horticulture and agriculture, and so on in both the Black Country and Cardiff.

Kevin has spearheaded the construction of the new Goldmine Centre in Walsall’s St Matthew’s Youth Quarter, as a new home for the Vine Trust from late 2012 onwards. The £2.7m purpose-built building will include training rooms, a library, performance spaces and a home for the Trust’s independent `Second Chances’ school.