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Our ambition is a diverse, skilled and healthy workforce that actively volunteers in communities, with business setting public targets on diversity, fair pay, productivity and wellbeing.
Interim findings from David Lammy review point to racial bias in the UK criminal justice system.
Andy Briggs, CEO of Aviva UK and Ireland Life and Chair of Business in the Community’s Leadership Team on Age at Work will lead the team in its role as Business Champion.
Barclays has brought greater diversity to their workforce, gained insight into their older customer base, and created new opportunities for older workers through apprenticeships, flexible working, role models and digital skills champions.
Symantec made progress against their goal of 15% increased diversity by 2020. Symantec are actively pursuing meaningful change to their culture and internal processes.
Being part of the Prince’s Responsible Business Network in Wales, our Members can access the latest thinking and best practice.
Last week, 30 children from local primary schools celebrated their graduation from the Mosaic mentoring programme with a tour of Coventry University to learn about university life.
RELX Group has created a culture of sustainability and corporate responsibility. This report outlines it's progress in six areas of the business and its objectives for the following year.
Sodexo is working to reduce its environmental footprint, source sustainable and nutritious food, support its own people and champion local communities. The Better Tomorrow Plan brings together Sodexo'