Social Enterprise

Being part of the Prince’s Responsible Business Network in Wales, our Members can access the latest thinking and best practice.
UBS has continued to report openly and transparently about its corporate responsibility strategy with this section of the annual report (p.315) and on the UBS corporate responsibility website.
'Developing a global financial centre for social impact investment' explores how leading financial centres can support and enable the global growth of the social impact investment market.
It was sweet dreams for all at Sleep East when the Norfolk based social enterprise was successful in its bid for an Unltd Millennium Awards Trust ‘Do It’ award.
Business in the Community runs a number of social enterprise mentoring programmes, helping social enterprises grow and thrive by providing them with access to the expertise of successful business mentors. In return, those mentors learn and develop valuable personal skills.
Buying from social enterprises allows you to unleash the power of your existing spend for social purposes.
This paper aims to encourage businesses to buy from social enterprises, showing examples of success and providing key steps and tips to support businesses to buy from social enterprises.
Social enterprise is gaining momentum in the marketplace and businesses can learn and benefit from working with social entrepreneurs.
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100% of mentors would recommend the programme to their colleagues, and 71% felt that the skills and competencies they developed would help them in their work.