Martin Port - Business in the Community
Martin Port wearing a suit and smiling

Martin Port

Chief Executive,

Yorkshire and Humber Leadership Board

Yorkshireman Martin Port is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and business advisor.
Martin founded the telematics firm Masternaut in 2002. After selling this firm in a multimillion-pound deal, in 2011 he started BigChange, whose JobWatch system and 150 people help companies reduce their carbon footprints, comply with health and safety legislation, and, ultimately, save lives by improving how they plan, manage, schedule and track their mobile workforce.
Based in Leeds, BigChange boasts more than 40,000 users and 1,200 customers worldwide. Sales grew 65 per cent in 2018, taking turnover to £11m, and securing the company a place in the Sunday Times Tech Track and the Deloitte Fast 50.
Martin supports many charities, and BigChange donated £250,000 to worthy causes last year.

He has joined the Yorkshire and Humber Leadership Board of Business in the Community (BITC) because he believes in the organisation’s mission and is passionate about the role that businesses can play in building healthy communities. Many of BigChange’s customers are members of BITC.