Mike Lewis - Business in the Community

Mike Lewis

VP – Global Leader Energy Transition

East Midlands Leadership Board

Mike Lewis is responsible for Capgemini’s Energy Transition capability, working with clients in the Energy and Utilities market. Leading a global team of consultants, he is focused on how to transition away from carbon intensive energy to low carbon solutions. Specifically accelerating the required need for renewable energy, de-carbonising transport, and providing alternate heating solutions – while increasing efficiency of buildings and overall enabling energy conservation.

Technology has been the backbone of Mike’s long career, working with some of the world’s largest corporations – such as Salesforce, SAP and IBM. He is passionate about technology being the enabler, and ensure people possess the digital skills to take full advantage.

Growing up in a remote community, with apparently very few employment opportunities, particularly in growth industries like technology and energy – his own life experience showed that talent is everywhere, and business could benefit so much if they inspire and inform an inclusive diverse talent base. With this purpose Mike was delighted to become an East Midlands Business in the Community (BITC) Board member.

Mike has also recently completed the Business Sustainability Management programme at University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership.