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Business leaders reveal how they want to change the world

A new host takes the helm of the BITC podcast as we hear from some of the world’s most influential leaders.
  • The Lens – the UK’s Responsible Business Podcast – is back for Season 4 with a new host, new look, new partnership and new Chairman of Business in the Community.
  • Listeners will hear directly from some of the world’s most influential business leaders about their views on making the world a better place.
  • A new roster of guests this season will join past alumni like Anne Boden, Founder and CEO of Starling Bank, Claudio Gienal, the CEO of AXA UK and Jan Gooding, the Chair of Stonewall. The next guest will be Angela Noon, CFO and Executive Director of Siemens UK.

The Lens – the UK’s Responsible Business Podcast – has launched Season 4 with a makeover – a new host, a new look and a new partnership.

The Lens podcast is a partnership between responsible business network Business in the Community (BITC), leading global marketing services company McCann, and One Young World, a global organisation that champions impactful young leaders. It will see Season 4 of the podcast launch with a punch.

Each month, new episodes bring together an established global business leader with an emerging young leader to foster disruptive conversations, consider different perspectives and discuss business responsibility to be a force for good in society.

Conversations cover everything from career highlights to controversies, taking in professional journeys, lessons learned, key advice and important insights along the way.

A range of guests from different sectors and industries means that topics vary from episode to episode, and listeners can expect to learn more about anything from climate change, the unintended consequences of AI and automation, and access to ‘good work’. Through to topics such as inclusivity, surveillance and diversity in the workplace. The podcast represents the breadth, diversity and priorities of the responsible business agenda.

This month’s podcast explores responsible leadership, digital connectivity and access to technology. The guests talk about making valuable connections, closing the digital skills gap and the importance of having a strong sense of purpose.

Amanda Mackenzie OBE, Chief Executive, BITC, highlights: “The Lens podcast is recognised as the cutting edge of responsible business: it’s where current and future leaders have open and unscripted conversations which challenge our assumptions about the private sector. It is a must-listen for anyone who cares about building back better after the pandemic. We’re celebrating The Lens’ fourth birthday with a new look and it seemed only right that our new Chair Gavin Patterson, President and Chief Revenue Officer of Salesforce, should be the first in the hot seat.”

The podcast sees a new host take the helm for Season 4. Award-winning global strategist Harjot Singh, Chief Strategy Officer for McCann. Harjot, describes himself as being “on a relentless mission to learn, create and make the brilliant obvious”.

Harjot says: “I am delighted to host the new Season of The Lens. I love talking to people and challenging them on the most important issues facing society and the environment right now; finding out how they are using their position of power, influence and trust to really make a difference in the world. I’m keen to bring to the podcast the learnings from our global work in McCann but create a sense of open conversation and inspiration throughout the discussions. Interviewing Gavin and our One Young World guest, Dara Latinwo, Digital Transformation and Innovation Manager, Deloitte, was a true delight. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the conversation, and I look forward to interviewing all of our Season 4 guests.”

Safoora Biglari, One Young World’s Community Director adds: “Working with Business in the Community and McCann on The Lens has been a privilege for the past few years. The podcast extends an exceptional platform to our One Young World (OYW) Ambassadors who are some of the UK’s brightest young leaders. We need the UK’s business community to be resilient, agile and part of a wider movement to build a better world for future generations. This can only be achieved by ensuring young leaders are given an equal voice and sit around decision-making tables; The Lens does just that. By pairing OYW Ambassadors with Chief Executives, we can ensure discussions about responsible business are truly inclusive, impactful and innovative.”

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About One Young World

One Young World is the global forum for young leaders.

The annual One Young World Summit convenes the brightest young talent from every country and sector, working to accelerate social impact. Delegates from 190+ countries are counselled by influential political, business and humanitarian leaders such as Justin Trudeau, Paul Polman, amongst many other global figures.

One Young World offers an unrivalled platform to affect change at a global level, with over 12,000 Ambassadors in the network driving innovation worldwide, directly impacting more than 26 million people around the world. In 2020 for every $1 invested, One Young World Ambassadors deliver $15 of social value.

To date, Summits have taken place in London (2010), Zurich (2011), Pittsburgh (2012), Johannesburg (2013), Dublin (2014), Bangkok (2015), Ottawa (2016), Bogotá (2017), The Hague (2018) and London (2019). The next One Young World Summit will be held in Munich, Germany (2021).