Responsible Business Champions

The 2020 Responsible Business Champions have demonstrated their full commitment to the responsible business agenda during times of extreme and testing change. Each Champion exemplifies best practice that can motivate and inspire others.
Their work is more important than ever as businesses adjust to the new normal and work to build back responsibly

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Case Studies

Sodexo – Responsible Business Champion: Environment

Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow 2025 commitments are helping them enhance the quality of life and improve the communities they serve.
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Octopus Energy – Responsible Business Champion: Environment

Octopus Energy is taking an innovative and customer-focused approach to generating renewable energy and tackling climate change.
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Northumbrian Water Group – Responsible Business Champion: Environment

Northumbrian Water Group’s ‘Caretakers of water in our regions’ initiative embraces safeguarding the environment and water supply in their operations for future generations.
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Lavazza Professional UK – Responsible Business Champion: Environment

Lavazza Professional UK – Serious About Sustainability
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Tideway – Responsible Business Champion: Employment

Changing the face of the construction sector from the inside.