Rachel Whitaker - Business in the Community
Rachel Whitaker looks straight into the camera

Rachel Whitaker

Consumer Savings Platform P&L Owne,

Yorkshire and Humber Leadership Board

Rachel has been Head of Systems Thinking for Aviva PLC in the UK since 2017.

She is passionate about great customer experiences across all channels of customer interaction and great employee engagement. With a decade of experience of delivering strategic organisational change to continuously deliver better results for Aviva’s customers and the business, she is keen to use her business skills, knowledge and connections to further benefit the wider community in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Rachel joined the Yorkshire and Humber Leadership Board in January 2019 and is passionate about large businesses playing a role to further improve the communities they operate within. Aligning business functions and collectives of businesses to achieve a common purpose is at the heart of Rachel’s experience.

She enjoys public speaking and sharing stories of learning and success with others.

Outside of work, Rachel has two young and energetic boys, spending most of her time outdoors in all weathers with her family in Sheffield.