Working With Pride: Issues Affecting LGBT+ People In The Workplace

LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans) people make up between 2-5 per cent of the UK population. This report finds they are impacted by mental health issues on a far greater scale than the broader employee population. Working With Pride: Issues Affecting LGBT+ People In The Workplace combines insights from two of Business in the Community’s flagship studies (Mental Health at Work and Equal Lives, produced in partnership with Mercer Marsh and Santander respectively), to shine a light on the issues facing LGBT+ people in the workplace.

The report finds that:
– Nearly three-quarters of LGBT+ people said that they had experienced mental health problems relating to work (74 per cent)
– Experience of mental health issues was a third higher among LGBT+ employees
– Younger LGBT+ employees were found to be particularly vulnerable
– Gay & bisexual+ employees are not accessing carers’ support as much as their colleagues

Based on the findings in this report, BITC have made three core recommendations for businesses to act upon:
Recognise: Explicitly recognise that there are LGBT+ people working for you, with you, and receiving your services as customers and clients.
Respond: Review, with LGBT+ staff, policies and procedures to ensure that the structural organisational response is accessible and explicitly inclusive of LGBT+ people and their needs.
Role Model: Celebrate diversity and inclusion through role models, staff diversity and ally networks and executive and board champions

Working With Pride: Issues Affecting LGBT+ People In The Workplace highlights the biggest inequalities that LGBT+ colleagues face. In order to enable organisations to act upon the recommendations, this report lists agencies that can provide expert and evidence-based advice on creating more inclusive workplaces. It also shares case studies from our two partner organisations Mercer Marsh Benefits and Santander.

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