Rhys Moore - Business in the Community

Rhys Moore

Claims Risk, Fraud and Complaints Director,
AXA Insurance UK PLC

East of England Leadership Board

Rhys Moore is the Claims Risk, Fraud and Complaints Director for AXA Insurance UK PLC. Rhys has worked for AXA for ten years and in this role he is responsible for more than 250 colleagues across various locations within the UK.

Under his leadership major transformations have been introduced. These include to AXA’s approach to the identification and management of fraud, moving the organisation to become more data-led, ensuring genuine customers are not negatively impacted by the small minority of people who wish to perpetrate fraud.

Focusing on customer outcomes is central to his approach and recognising that things sometimes go wrong, Rhys has transformed the approach to complaints identification and handling to ensure positive customer outcomes are central to AXA’s culture and the root cause of issues are addressed to improve the customer experience of all customers.

Growing up in Suffolk and now living in Norwich, Rhys has a deep understanding of East Anglian region and its culture and demographics. He wants to contribute more to the sustainable business development and growth within the region, and help showcase the best things the region and its businesses have to offer.