Taking a Place Based Approach: guide and toolkit


There is an opportunity in front of us. The world around is changing every day and the UK is currently going through seismic change. We need to address inequality by creating opportunity and prosperity around the UK. The need for unity and collaboration has never been greater. Our economy will only prosper if all communities in the UK thrive too – the places where our business customers, colleagues and neighbours live. They are the very basis of the society that our economy depends on.

This guidance provides support for your business to implement a place-based approach to investing in your local community. In doing so, you will understand the challenges and opportunities in a location and implement long-term, collaborative responses to address long-term social, economic and environmental needs.

Key learnings

This guidance brings together tools, resources and key learnings drawn from our experiences of
working collaboratively and effectively in places and is intended for businesses at practitioner level.

The supporting toolkit

Download the toolkit to better understand the:

  • key steps to establish collaboration
  • The Anchor Rule
  • understand community needs and identify local issues
  • utilise the needs analysis template
  • how to source materials
  • utilise community engagement toolkits from other organisations
  • how to hold a community conversation
  • The Born and Bred Network
  • the tools, approaches and methodologies for evaluating the difference that has been made.