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Black Talent Allyship

Learn more about allyship and the actions employers can take to ensure it can exist and flourish within workplaces.

This toolkit, black talent allyship, explores actions employers can take to ensure allyship can exist and flourish.

Produced in partnership with Business in the Community (BITC) member KPMG, this toolkit is designed to help cascade allyship throughout organisations. Included in the toolkit are three case studies from BITC members Eversheds Sutherland, Nationwide, and Santander. These case studies provide practical examples of everyday allyship. They show how opportunities can be generated to allow Black talent to thrive and progress.

What is allyship?

Dr John Amaechi OBE, organisational psychologist defines allyship as “a constant vigilance for even the small bad behaviours (sometimes called microaggressions) that occur around us in and outside of the workplace. When those bad behaviours are spotted, allyship is the willingness to take a stand and engage – with civility but without equivocation – in conflict with those who exhibit bias and prejudice. Allies never miss an opportunity to let the world know what they stand for – and perhaps more importantly what language and behaviours they will not tolerate around them”.

More about the Black Talent Allyship Toolkit

Download the toolkit to explore actions on the topics listed below.

  • Learn how to actively listen.
  • How to work against discrimination.
  • Find out how you can take personal responsibility to increase your knowledge of racial equality issues.
  • Why you should speak up when witnessing bias and prejudice.
  • How you can engage and support Black colleagues.
  • The importance of seeking and accepting feedback.

The Black Talent Allyship Toolkits offers guidance on building trust by creating a workplace where colleagues feel safe to freely express themselves and bring their whole selves to work. These behaviours are interchangeable and can be adapted to suit all organisations, irrespective of size or sector.

Please note:
This toolkit is only available for download until the 25 June 2021. After this date, the document will be added to the comprehensive library for Business in the Community members to guide them on their responsible business journey.
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Business in the Community believes every employer must prioritise action on race. Ethnic minority employees must be represented at all levels. These aims and issue areas enable us to provide the most relevant and insightful support to members. We work with government, industry stakeholders, and employers, campaigning for wider societal and organisational change.

Visit the the Business in the Community race equality web page for more information on BITC’s framework for supporting employers with promoting racial equality in the workplace.