Zoe Haseman - Business in the Community
Zoe Haseman smiles

Zoe Haseman

Vice President, Head of Sustainabilty,

Net Zero Carbon Taskforce

Zoe Haseman, Vice President, Global Sustainability is Jacobs’ Head of Sustainability. She is responsible for developing and implementing the global sustainability strategy PlanBeyond, to ensure Jacobs delivers its vision of providing solutions for a more connected, sustainable world. She helps the business, as well as clients, reframe their challenges and think differently to maximise sustainable outcomes – driving efficiency and creating a positive impact on the environment, society and the economy.

Zoe has worked in various sustainability role for the past 20 years across multiple sectors and in several international locations and brings a wealth of diverse experience to Business in the Community’s Net Zero Carbon Taskforce. She is passionate about the role of business in positively impacting and influencing the transition to a low carbon economy and, with the current urgency to solve the climate emergency, that need has never been greater.

Zoe hopes the Net Zero Carbon Taskforce will set out a practical path for businesses to transform and contribute on this issue.