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We support companies in the North East to integrate responsible business practices, we also connect them with local communities to help them tackle the most pressing social issues in the region.

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Are you a charity or community organisation? Could you use a team of volunteers for a project? Read more.

Programmes for businesses

Business in the Community believes the most effective way for business to support young people facing social disadvantage is to form long-term partnerships with the schools those young people attend. Business Class provides a systematic and proven framework for developing those partnerships
Business Class pupils at the Hackney Careers Fair
Business Connectors are talented individuals seconded from business, trained by Business in the Community and placed in communities of greatest need to build partnerships that tackle local issues.
Employee volunteering, where staff at all levels donate time and skills during work hours to tackle local social issues, is an effective and powerful way for businesses to invest in their people and local communities. Our vision is to make employee volunteering culturally normal.
Every child has the right to read, but not every child has the opportunity. Through Right to Read we aim to to raise literacy standards by increasing the number of trained volunteers providing support for children aged 7–11. Right to Read is a programme of one-to-one support from participating businesses.
Right to Read

Responsible Business Awards

Our awards recognise businesses in the North East for their impact on society and the environment. Read more.

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