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Mid-life MOTs: creating good jobs for older workers

Business in the Community’s Age Campaign Manager, Angela Watson, considers how mid-life MOTs can help shape good work in later working lives.

‘Good work’ is critical in supporting wellbeing

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive Officer at CIPD argues employers who focus on good work are better placed to bolster their workforce’s wellbeing, as well as their organisation’s resilience.
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Supporting employee wellbeing at Anglian Water

In this video Anglian Water employees talk about their approach to ensuring people’s wellbeing is supported, regardless of their location or work role.
Case Studies

Procter and Gamble: ways of working that enhance wellbeing

Procter and Gamble (P&G) took their Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy from a topic that had variable engagement to a business strategy that the organisation rallied behind.