How BITC’s Advisory Services drive inclusive business

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Business in the Community (BITC) offer advisory support to help organisations ensure everyone feels included at work.

Our Advisory Services team works with organisations to design and deliver responsible business advice and guidance to meet your needs. We offer short-term, targeted interventions, training or longer-term strategic change programmes.

BITC’s Everyday Inclusion Campaign asks “what if everyone felt included at work?” BITC’s Advisory Services can support you to ensure this happens. By ensuring all your employees feel they belong, have a voice, are valued and are able to be their true selves, you can achieve improved employee wellbeing and better performance.


Ekaete Assiak, Senior Inclusion Adviser, Business in the Community

“It’s all about building a strong relationship, finding out how things feel, how they could improve, and what other colleagues think” says Ekaete Assiak, a Senior Inclusion Adviser who has worked at BITC for over 22 years. “We enable the organisations we work with to develop the prospects of people of colour by moving from talking about inclusion, to taking real action.” Ekaete has worked with a range of employers to improve their diversity and inclusion activities. In each instance she balances an understanding of their needs with knowledge of the latest successful approaches used by others.

BITC works with organisations to embed changes right across the organisation. “We always want to ensure that businesses think about inclusion in all their processes” says Patricia Chinyoka, Senior Inclusion Adviser. “I’m constantly thinking about how we can help businesses keep inclusion at the top of their agendas, and integrate their changes in a clear way so all employees feel involved.” As well as supporting businesses to be more inclusive, Patricia is also a founding member of BITC’s Cultural Awareness Network for employees, providing guidance and support to improve our own approach to inclusive recruitment and career development.

Designing diversity and inclusion support to meet your needs

No matter how far along your business is in its diversity and inclusion journey, BITC’s team of expert advisers can create solutions, tools and reports to meet your needs. Advisory support can be specific to an area on the Responsible Business Map, or it can consider how different areas overlap and affect each other. All our support draws on our proven interventions. It is output and outcome driven and measured by impact and engagement.

We also offer the option to choose the level of depth and detail you receive for any advisory support. Ranging from light touch support, to identify needs and create a plan of action, through to deeper support, where businesses have the opportunity to champion specific areas of inclusion practice. For a full package of advice and guidance, covering every step of a change process, businesses can opt for strategic project support to help connect progress with wider organisational objectives.

Using Business in the Community Advisory Services to drive business improvement

Our Advisory Services can help businesses create immediate results, while also laying foundations for long-term, cultural change. Some businesses develop their advisory relationship over many years. Ekaete has worked with Co-op for more than 20 years, helping its leadership drive transformational cultural and implement practical changes that are still manifesting today. The result is an organisation-wide commitment to being actively anti-racist.

Patricia received hugely positive feedback from the Environment Agency, having supported its efforts to attract and recruit from a more diverse talent pool. Offering guidelines, advice, training, and line manager workshops, she helped the Agency improve its approach to all stages of recruitment and selection, while challenging forms of unconscious bias.

BITC’s Advisory Services take a responsive and flexible approach. For example, BITC worked with UK Power Networks to inform the design of a new three-year Inclusion Strategy, running a series of listening circles to identify the priorities that should underpin the strategy, and suggest appropriate activities. These sessions were open to all employees, and used a data-led approach to ensure a representative sample of the employee base. To ensure all voices were included, we also suggested additional contribution methods for those not comfortable feeding back in large groups. ​

Our Advisory Services are open to members and non-members of Business in the Community.

If you are a BITC member, contact your Relationship Manager or our Membership Team to discuss how we can support your responsible business ambitions.

If you are not a member of Business in the Community, contact the Advisory Services team for more information.