Addressing emissions in your supply chain

This Addressing Emissions in Your Supply Chain factsheet offers guidance to organisations on preventing the worst impacts of climate change and how climate-related risk can be reduced.

Decarbonising your supply chain

Global supply chains are vast, dynamic and interdependent. As shown by the COVID-19 pandemic, globally disruptive events are no longer confined to specific geographies, but have widespread consequences that can be felt across the globe. Coupled with global mega-trends, such as climate change, extreme weather events, increasing resource constraints and changing consumer habits, businesses must take a new approach to ensure supply chains are sustainable.

About this factsheet

The Addressing Emissions in Your Supply Chain factsheet contains information on:

  • knowing your supply chain
  • getting leaders on board
  • collaborating with suppliers
  • delivering and implementing strategy
  • further guidance.

The factsheet also contains impact stories from organisations.

How BITC can support your organisation

  • We are supporting BITC members to set net zero carbon targets that align to the United Nations’ target to limit temperature rises to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. If you have not already – join BITC. We have resources, expert advice, and support from other members to help.
  • Sign up to our webinars that will go through the steps in more detail.
  • Speak to your BITC relationship manager about an environmental advisory services package to get bespoke support for your business. Alternatively, email to find out more.
  • Join our Net Zero Carbon Taskforce to collaborate with other businesses at the forefront of the journey.

Thank you to Business in the Community’s (BITC) Net Zero Carbon Taskforce for their expertise and insights in producing this guide.

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