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What Climate Action Does the Public Want from Business?

Download your free copy of the results from a commissioned survey to understand the views of the public and businesses on the essential steps to combat climate change.

Business in the Community (BITC) commissioned YouGov to help understand public and business climate action perceptions and priorities around corporate climate action.

The findings from two nationally representative surveys reveal the need for businesses to take rapid climate action and think critically about their actions towards a resilient, net-zero UK.

Download the survey results to find out more about climate action perceptions

  • Public attitudes to and awareness of the climate crisis and business action to address it.
  • Actions the public has taken to reduce their carbon footprint and the barriers they face to do so.
  • Perceptions of fairness, change, and preparedness.
  • Priorities for the public for a fair and just transition to a resilient, net-zero UK.

Business in the Community and climate action

Every business in the UK must take action to avert the climate crisis. Our network of hundreds of businesses is working with us to make the climate crisis history. What we do is important, but how we do it is equally critical. We must make sure the transition to a resilient, net-zero UK is fair and just, truly enabling people and nature to thrive.

By joining the hundreds of other businesses in the Prince’s Responsible Business Network, you can accelerate progress, maximise business opportunities and enable the communities you serve to thrive.

Find out how BITC is helping organisations take climate action.