Lyndsay Holland - Business in the Community
Lyndsay Holland smiling.

Lyndsay Holland

Future Talent Programmes Manager,

Untapped Talent Taskforce

Lyndsay Holland is the Future Talent Programmes Manager at Asda. She has worked more than 20 years in recruitment, assessment and selection, and most recently manages the Early Careers Programmes for graduates and apprentices.

Lyndsay is excited to join the Business in the Community Untapped Talent Taskforce. She is a firm believer in creating multiple entry points into companies, breaking down barriers to employment, improving social mobility and providing people with the opportunities and development to grow both personally and professionally. In her current role, Lyndsay works on Asda’s behalf with external partners leading outreach initiatives such as the STEM Enthuse Programme, global insight provider’s IGD Feeding Britain’s Future, Enactus and supporting armed forces service leavers. All with the aim of raising aspirations, providing work experiences and connecting people to jobs in the retail industry.

Lyndsay is proud to be a part-time working mum. She is also a manager who has not followed the well-trodden route through university, as such she recognises the importance of early work and life experiences, as well as looking beyond CVs, in order to spot future talent.