Climate Action

Business in the Community’s (BITC) environment campaign encourages innovative and transformational change at the core of businesses. Our programmes focus on building a one-planet economy that delivers lasting prosperity through the Global Goals, also known as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our work on climate action is aiming to limit the increase in global average temperature within the century to 1.5C.

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PwC UK and Business in the Community: driving climate action

PwC UK reflect on a climate action roundtable held to discuss how companies can be part of a fair and inclusive transition to a resilient, net-zero economy.

Leading climate action with our heads, hearts and hands

Amanda Mackenzie OBE, Chief Executive at BITC argues now is the time for decisive action to avoid the worst outcomes of the climate crisis.
Fact Sheets

What climate action does the public want from business?

This factsheet shares headline findings from BITC and YouGov research into public and business perceptions and priorities around corporate climate action.
Fact Sheets

How Can Corporate Procurement Tackle the Climate Crisis?

This member-only factsheet sets out how Chief Procurement Officers (CPO) and procurement leaders can support their businesses to act on climate change.