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Sandra Kerr CBE…

One of the key findings from Business in the Community’s Race at Work survey (2015) of 24,457 people was that employees from all ethnicities in the workplace said that their employers were not comfortable talking about race. The survey found that conversations around age, gender and sexuality are much easier to have than conversations about race. I then began conversations with people from many different racial backgrounds about their experiences of talking about race. I also asked them to share what they think some of the barriers are and what some of the solutions might be. This pocket guide is a result of some of those conversations as well as my personal views on this subject. Recommendations from Race in the Workplace (2017) said that a guide should be produced for talking about race. My hope is that this guide will help to get Britain talking about race and ethnicity, discrimination, diversity and inclusion in an environment of ‘uncomfortable confidence and respect’ and spark many new conversations which would not have happened otherwise.

Originally published in 2018.

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