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Workwell Self-Assessment Tool

What is the Workwell Self-Assessment tool?

The Business in the Community Workwell Self-Assessment is a measurement tool for evaluating your organisational wellbeing journey.
It aims to enable all organisations to understand their starting point of a process of improvement that supports a thriving workforce.

Developed by a group of wellbeing practitioners and based on the established Business in the Community Workwell Model, this online tool is free and easy to use. It is designed to suit diverse organisations of different sizes, sectors and varying levels of maturity.

What does the Self-Assessment measure?

This self-assessment evaluates the level of your organisation’s workforce health and wellbeing strategies, measuring these against the elements of the Business in the Community Workwell Model under the categories: ‘Strategy and risk’, ‘Measuring and disclosing’, and ‘Taking action’.

The assessment comprises 21 multiple-choice questions; it collates your organisation’s level of development and progress across each category to determine your final score.

The assessment is designed to review wellbeing maturity annually in line with your strategy and/or whenever new projects or wellbeing initiatives are implemented.

Why use this tool?

This innovative tool allows organisations to establish their baseline, chart future courses, and review progress. It helps identify areas to focus actions and investments to unlock the value of sustainable employee health and wellbeing, which greatly benefits their workforce. This tool also helps identify steps for measuring, and publicly reporting on wellbeing performance.  The assessment enables your organisation to benchmark your wellbeing performance alongside the wider UK business community, enabling all of us to share our progress and best practice. The cost benefits of getting organisational wellbeing right are too significant to overlook, as highlighted in our Prioritise People report. Join our movement by declaring your organisation’s commitment to health and wellbeing and using this measurement tool to shape your action plans.

How to use this tool

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