Yasmin Waljee - Business in the Community
Yasmin Waljee smiles broadly at the camera

Yasmin Waljee OBE

International Pro Bono Partner,
Hogan Lovells International LLP

Global Goals Leadership Team

Yasmin Waljee OBE has been key to establishing and embedding a pro bono culture within Hogan Lovells. The objective is to deliver an outstanding pro bono service to charities, individuals and social enterprises in need who could not otherwise afford such advice.

Yasmin helped the firm achieve this by designing and implementing projects that draw on the firm’s commercial legal knowledge and skills to produce measurable outcomes nationally and internationally.

Yasmin is an international human rights lawyer and has advised on issues relating to compensation for victims of crime and terrorism including the July 7 bombing victims, the right to life, and regularly works on public policy issues in this area. Yasmin co-leads the firm’s social enterprise and social finance practice.

About Business in the Community’s Global Goals Leadership Team

Each area of work Business in the Community (BITC) undertakes is led by a group of senior executives who provide strategic guidance and support us in achieving our objectives.

The purpose of BITC’s Global Goals Leadership Team is to accelerate business progress towards being purpose-driven and deliver on the Global Goals also known as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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