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Coventry Building Society: Enhancing Learning in Schools

Learn how Coventry Building Society are working with the community and building sustainable relationships with local schools in this BITC member only case study.

This case study outlines the actions taken by Coventry Building Society (CBS) to build an ongoing relationship with Henley Green Primary School, a school within one of the most deprived areas in Coventry.
Henley Green Primary School is a feeder school for the Lyng Hall Secondary School, also partnered by CBS.

Coventry Counts

Download the case study to learn more about the development of the initiatives. How all CBS employee volunteers receive training and how CBS works collaboratively with teachers to adapt the interventions for each school. In addition, learn how CBS delivers its Business in the Community award-winning Employability Skills programme to Year 12 students in Coventry based secondary schools.

The development of a place-based approach

CBS is the second-largest building society in the UK and a member of Business in the Community ( BITC).
The society has developed a place-based approach to social impact, with the objective of making a difference to the people of Coventry. 

The key issues addressed by the programme are:

  • Education and aspiration
  • Access to housing
  • Isolation and vulnerability.

Coventry Counts numeracy interventions

CBS has developed a range of numeracy interventions in partnership with Coventry primary schools.  The long-term nature of the relationship has enabled the aims of the programme (Coventry Counts) to be aligned to the needs and aspirations of each school and grow organically into a suite of interventions targeted at each age group. These interventions develop numeracy skills and demonstrate how these skills can be utilised in the real world.

CBS delivers the following programmes:

  • Number Partners
  • Fun with Numbers
  • Basic Money Management
  • Real-life Maths.

The programmes are delivered in sequence, to children aged between 7-11, culminating in Year 5 and 6 pupils seeing the real-world application of maths at Coventry Building Society.

Activity informed by regular reviews with all stakeholders

CBS conducts review meetings with teaching staff and holds focus groups. The society also provides questionnaires for pupils to capture the “pupil voice”.

Coventry Counts to go online

The next phase of Coventry Counts will be the launch of online numeracy activities. These will be curriculum-linked and free for teachers to download. With around 19,000 KS2 pupils in the city, CBS hopes their reach will be increased through this digital approach.

Work with us to make change happen

BITC Community Advisers support businesses to drive a skilled and inclusive workforce by embedding essential skills and creating successful education partnerships through our Business Class Framework, developed in partnership with Lancaster University. Our advisers can also work with you to design and develop sustainable and impactful initiatives to build stronger alongside your communities.
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