Essential skills

Working alongside businesses and partners, Business in the Community (BITC) is developing a campaign on essential skills. Essential skills are critical to every individual and every business. They include communication, problem solving, creativity, resilience, aiming high, leadership and teamwork. They are vital to social mobility and job mobility, so that everyone, regardless of background, can succeed and thrive.

BITC has a unique position to lead action on essential skills, at every stage of an individual’s career journey, from education to employment. This means making interventions from the classroom to the boardroom. It also means developing a shared language on skills that builds a bridge between the worlds of education and employment.

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How to Embed Essential Skills in Learning Programmes

This webinar is a chance to hear from employers about how they have embedded essential skills into their learning development opportunities.

Improving Life Outcomes Through Building Essential Skills

During the webinar, hear from employers about how they have embedded the Skills Builder Universal Framework within their learning and development programmes.

Webinar: Building Essential Skills in Early Careers

Following the successful launch of the Skills Builder Universal Framework, this webinar is a chance to find out how your organisation can embed the eight essential skills in your recruitment,learning and development activities.

Webinar: Supporting your future workforce to develop their Essential Skills

Featuring experts from education and employers, this webinar provides practical examples of how your organisation can ensure that you are building the essential skills of our future workforce.