Living sustainably in lockdown

This Living Sustainably in Lockdown factsheet seeks to provide practical guidance to share with teams while they work from home, to help build the right behaviours to contribute towards a cleaner future for the environment post-pandemic.

There has been commentary on some of the environmental benefits of the otherwise devastating COVID-19 pandemic.

These gains are fragile though. When the lockdowns end the focus will be on rebuilding national economies, regenerating employment, and for business to return to profitability. The question remains as to how we can adapt during and after this crisis to make sure we rebuild towards a zero-carbon, circular economy. With the closure of workplaces, much reduced work-related travel and altered living patterns under lockdown, many businesses’ environmental impacts have become distributed across many thousands of employees’ homes across the UK – a trend that may continue as businesses realise how effective mass homeworking can be.

About the factsheet

This Living sustainably in lockdown factsheet contains:

  • information on reducing household and food waste
  • impact stories from organisations on how they are supporting staff and customers
  • links to other related resources

Business in the Community’s work on Environment

Our environment and sustainability agenda encourages innovative and transformational change at the core of business. Our programmes focus on building a one-planet economy that delivers lasting prosperity through the UN Global Goals, also known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Business in the Community’s response to COVID-19

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on towns and cities across the UK intensifies, the need to link business support to community need has never been more urgent.

To meet this demand the National Business Response Network matches community needs with the right business support. You can be part of this too, helping to save and change lives through #COVID19.

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