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Our Route to a Net Zero Climate Resilient Future

Our vision for a just transition. Targeting businesses and policymakers, it identifies priority and tangible actions.

This manifesto sets out our vision for 2030 – a key milestone for a just transition. Targeting businesses and policymakers, it identifies priority actions for businesses across our Seven Steps for Climate Action and five key areas where policy support is critical.

Tangible actions towards a just transition

Our manifesto explores and provides tangible actions for businesses to reach the ambition of a just transition. A transition for a fair and inclusive journey to a net zero, resilient future where people and nature thrive.

The actions Business in the Community has taken

In collaboration with hundreds of leaders from business, community groups and government, we have identified the key actions to deliver a future where both the businesses and the communities they serve can thrive.

At COP26 we launched the Seven Steps for Climate Action to support businesses to plan for a just transition. We have since supported our members to set robust net zero targets and involved more than 100 business leaders in innovation sprints to enable this through building the skills needed for the transition; designing and delivering plans with diverse stakeholders; and embracing a circular economy.

Five key recommendations for policymakers

A group of icons depicting carbon free, low emissions, sustainable products, green upskilling of workforces and tackling the cost of living crisis in a green and sustainable way.

We are calling on Government to:

  1. Commit to a just transition to net zero and aim to achieve this BEFORE 2050.
  2. Commit to a binding target for reducing the UK’s emissions from consumption, in line with international net zero goals.
  3. Enable business innovation to create affordable and sustainable products and services.
  4. Ensure ALL businesses are incentivised to invest in upskilling their workforce with essential and technical green skills.
  5. Tackle the cost-of-living crisis now while building resilience for the long term.

Next Steps

Turn the biggest challenge facing humanity into its greatest achievement


Access more resources

Download our ‘Tackling the Cost-of-Living Crisis through Climate Action’ factsheet, an analysis of the findings of the YouGov survey commissioned by BITC on the relationship between the climate change and cost-of-living crises. This survey also informed our manifesto.