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Race at Work 2015

This report, first published in 2015 provides the reader with a greater understanding of the issues surrounding the under-representation of ethnic minorities in the workplace. An issue that continues today.

The report shares the experiences of more than 24,457 ethic minority and white employees aged 16 and over who were living in England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland at the time of the survey,

Key findings

The report shows that in 2015, Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) people were under-represented at every management level in the workplace. One in eight of the working-age population was from a BAME background, yet only one in ten were in the workforce and only one in 16 in top management positions.

The report also showed that people from a BAME background were more likely to enjoy their work but less likely to be rated as top performers compared to their white counterparts.

Contents of the report

The report examines the survey finding under the following topics.

  • satisfaction at work
  • workplace cultures
  • equal opportunity in the workplace
  • aspiration, inspiration, and support.

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About this report

This report was originally published in 2015, hence it uses our old branding. Despite its age, the document contains relevant and useful information. However, some specific links, case studies, and statistics may be out of date.

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