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The First Step in Creating Data Driven Diversity Strategies

A comprehensive guide to the relatively new collection and analysis of workforce data. Read more and then go to the GLA website to download.

Workforce Data Equality Guide

Business in the Community (BITC) and the Greater London Authority (GLA) have worked with leading companies and subject experts to produce a comprehensive guide on workforce data. We used the leading companies to identify the data points, that if collected at the right point can create the biggest change internally. This can also ensure the most up to date language is used on sexuality, gender identity, disability and social mobility,

The collection and analysis of workforce data is a relatively new and very powerful way to understand how diverse an organisation is. At BITC we integrate data into our campaigns and advisory services and use it as a tool for change. Over the years we have strongly advocated this as a way in which business can track and act on evidence of inequality within the workplace. It is also a way of recording the benefits of taking an intersectional approach.

Our inclusion experts are frequently asked questions around data. The purpose of this guide is to be as practical as possible, to support employers with the how so that it enables them to drive change internally. It shares what questions to ask, how to analyse the information you have and importantly the culture you need to ensure employees and applicants feel comfortable giving you the data you need.

Who will benefit most from this report?
  • HR teams and senior leaders.
  • The guide has been developed to provide advice for those at every stage of their data workforce collection journey.
    It provides useful insights and practical advice for those at the initial stages of collecting workforce data through to those who wish to strengthen their diversity strategies.
  • The guide is applicable to businesses of every size, including SMEs. The guide includes specific guidance and in-depth advice to SMEs on the unique challenges and opportunities they face.
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