Greater Resource Productivity and Responsible Waste Management

Five-step guidance

This toolkit, featuring a five-step plan for greater resource productivity and responsible waste management is taken from Business in the Community’s (BITC) Lifting the Lid on Waste Guide. It sets out the opportunities that rethinking resource and waste can bring. Practical steps to begin your journey to eliminating avoidable waste and turning ‘waste to wealth’.

The toolkit includes advice on:

  • how to get internal buy-in
  • how to understand your waste streams
  • developing a coherent waste strategy with bold goals and targets
  • working with your waste management supplier
  • collaborating to create wealth from waste.


There has been a recent change in public awareness of the negative consequences of our ‘throw-away’ economy. There is now a strong desire for a less wasteful and more circular culture. Business and governments are now looking at value creation and an increase in levels of innovation and ambition.
For further reading on this, visit the websiteUK government’s Waste Strategy for England.

Recognising that we all have a responsibility to change and to work on greater resource productivity is a starting point. Responsible waste management is also of key importance. Many businesses have targets for zero waste to landfill and have successfully increased recycling and reduced waste.
But collectively we must go further and faster if we are to reverse the damage we are doing. Reduce resource use and turn waste into wealth.
Download the toolkit, greater resource productivity and responsible waste management to find out more.


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