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Experian’s Support Hub Champions Financial Accessibility

How Experian created a Support Hub for disabled people and those with additonal access needs.

Business in the Community (BITC) member Experian is a global data technology company with a mission to improve financial inclusion for both consumers and businesses, through a unique combination of the latest data, advanced analytics and technology. Innovation is a key part of Experian’s ethos and it is constantly thinking about how to improve the various challenges its clients face when it comes to financial accessibility. This is how the idea for Support Hub came about.

What was the problem?

Experian discovered that according to FCA and Capital One research, 27 million UK consumers identify as having a support need, such as a learning difficulty, mental health problem or a disability, yet only 2% have disclosed this to their financial service providers.

Recognising this gap, the organisation took proactive steps through its Social Innovation programme to develop Support Hub, which aims to empower disabled people and those with additional access needs.

Why is Support Hub the solution?  

The Support Hub is a free online portal where consumers can share their support needs to multiple organisations in a simple and standardised way. The platform was developed following extensive research, rigorous testing, guidance from industry and vulnerability experts, including the Disability and Accessibility Centre. Most importantly, insights were gained from listening to people with lived experiences of support needs.

This paves the way for an improved standard of support, as those using the platform will be able to see a clear list of support needs that each organisation is able to offer them, saving time and the hassle of multiple conversations.

Experian has set a target to help seven million consumers connect to more than 200 organisations by 2030. You can find out more about Experian’s Support Hub by visiting the website or accessing Exerian’s Youtube channel.