Our focus on people



Business in the Community’s (BITC) focus on people is about influencing responsible business practices that make jobs accessible and attractive to all.

Our objectives for our work in this area are centred on creating:

  • a culture of inclusion in respect of race, age, gender and health
  • skills – a workforce for today and tomorrow which is supported and committed to developing skills
  • committed leadership, as evidenced by an increase in number of Race at Work Charter signatories and improving the outcomes evidenced in the Race at Work Scorecard in 2018
  • good work that promotes positive health and wellbeing, including commitments to the quality of work and job design and steps taken to target those on lowest incomes
  • transparent, accessible recruitment practices based on skills and strengths not merely prior experience. We continue to target more than one million roles made more accessible for ex-offenders by the end of 2020 via Ban the Box, seek clear communication of policies concerning shared parental and carers leave and advocate for carers leave to be available from day one in employment.
  • a better environment via improved pay gap reporting, and resultant actions, across both gender and ethnicity to promote progression in work for all.
The Responsible Business Map

The world of work is changing rapidly and responsible businesses need to make sure that age does not stand in the way of supporting their workplaces to adapt. Business in the Community’s Age campaign seeks to reduce the barriers experienced by the over-50s in recruitment processes and promote the development of multi-generation workplaces.

The purpose of Business in the Community’s Age Taskforce is to help and challenge employers to retain, retrain and recruit older workers and to create multi-generational teams where people of all ages can flourish.

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Business in the Community’s Employment and Skills campaign harnesses the power of organisations’ collective strength to overcome disadvantage by increasing access to good, sustainable employment.

BITC’s Employment and Skills Leadership Team creates inclusive employment where everyone, regardless of their background or experience, has access to good-quality jobs and the skills they need to thrive in work.

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BITC’s Gender Equality campaign is the UK’s leading employer network dedicated to advancing equality between men and women at work. We are all about changing the system, not the women. We are all about changing the system, not the women. 

The campaign supports employers to: tackle the gender pay gap through greater transparency and bespoke action; attract, progress and retain the best talent; and create a workplace culture free from bias and underpinned by inclusive behaviours.

The purpose of BITC’s Gender Equality Leadership Team is to ensure that women can achieve their full potential at work. 

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BITC defines wellbeing as the mutually supportive relationship between an individual’s mental, physical, social and financial health and their personal wellbeing.

Taking a whole organisation approach to embedding wellbeing into an organisational culture is key to achieving maximum impact. BITC’s Wellbeing campaign believes wellbeing should be positioned as a strategic boardroom issue supporting thriving people, business and communities.

BITC’s Wellbeing Leadership Team is building a movement that is committed to positioning health and wellbeing as strategic boardroom issues with a particular focus on mental health; driving collective action through evidence-based, practical solutions. 

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BITC’s Race Equality campaign supports employers to ensure that ethnic minority employees are represented at all levels.

BITC’s Race Equality Leadership Team supports employers to help break down the barriers that prevent the progression of ethnic minorities in their workplaces and show how an inclusive organisation better serves its customers, clients and communities.

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The Everyday Inclusion campaign from Business in the Community (BITC) is designed to support employers in ensuring their employees feel they belong,  have a voice, are valued and are able to be their true selves.

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Global Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also known as the Global Goals underpin all BITC’s work; inspiring, engaging and challenging businesses to be purpose-driven, taking practical action and mobilising their collective strength to deliver against the Global Goals.

BITC’s Responsible Business Map helps companies to navigate and contribute to the Global Goals. The map identifies the issues businesses need to address to achieve long-term financial value, enabling both society and the planet to thrive. The Responsible Business Map also explains the actions and outcomes that BITC expects businesses to aim for against each issue.

BITC’s Global Goals Leadership Team drives business to deliver on the SDGs.