Governance and Transparency

Business in the Community’s (BITC) Responsible Business Map guides our members on a journey of continuous improvement, working across the whole responsible business agenda.

To be a responsible business organisations need to be underpinned by responsible governance and transparency. The inner part of our Responsible Business Map lists five aspects a business needs to consider in this area. These need to be accompanied by leadership at every level.

One of these five aspects is governance and transparency. Increased trust in business and enhanced belief in the potential for business to be a force for good, resulting in loyal customers, a licence to operate and increased brand value. Trust is gained when stakeholders have confidence in a business’ leadership, and that those leaders have the skills and knowledge needed to make business decisions that align to a responsible purpose and ensure long-term sustainability.

Real leadership on an issue can be evidenced by an authentic, consistent and transparent advocacy within the organisation, with industry peers and publicly.

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