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Capitalising on Military Family Talent

The Capitalising on Military Family Talent toolkit explains how employers can build a diverse workforce inclusive of military family members.

The Capitalising on Military Family Talent toolkit explains how employers can recruit and retain military family members. Produced in partnership with the Welsh and Scottish Governments, Business in the Community (BITC) has published this guide to help your business extend support to family members of those serving in the military. The toolkit is available in English and Welsh language versions.

Life for members of an Armed Forces family can have its challenges, and employment prospects can be affected.  Serving family members can expect to be displaced, at times overseas, and be apart from their partners for long periods of times. These conditions have a tremendous impact on family members and make it more difficult for them to gain and sustain employment. 87% of military spouses think it is more challenging for them to gain employment compared with civilians1. This is despite them having high levels of qualifications, transferable skills and valuable life skills.

About Capitalising on Military Family Talent

Capitalising on Military Family Talent explains how family members of those serving in the military can be affected and what steps employers can take. It discusses the barriers they can experience when applying for work but also the barriers that prevent them from being able to work. The toolkit covers how military family members can be inspired and prepared for work as well as how employers can support them once they have joined an organisation.

The toolkit features case studies from BITC members who have worked to inspire, hire and grow military family talent. It also provides clear guidance to help your business unlock the skills and experience of military family members.

The toolkit features research by BITC members University of Warwick, and case studies from BITC members including: Alun Griffiths Contractors Ltd, Barclays, BT, Deloitte, Enbarr Enterprises, Royal Bank of Scotland (Natwest Group), Standard Life Aberdeen, and Virgin Money.

Further information

This latest guide is designed to act as a supplement to Capitalising On Military Talent: Everything You Need To Know About Employing Armed Forces Veterans, a toolkit produced by BITC in partnership with Salute My Job and the Scottish Government. It guides employers through the practical steps of setting up an accessible, Armed Forces friendly recruitment practice in England and Scotland.

You may also be interested in Inspire, Hire, Grow: How to Capitalise on Military Talent – An Employer’s Toolkit, developed by BITC Cymru on behalf of the Welsh Government. It provides a simple guide to employing Armed Forces veterans and reservists in Wales.

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