Inspire, Hire, Grow: How to Capitalise on Military Talent – An Employer’s Toolkit

Inspire, Hire, Grow: How to Capitalise on Military Talent – An Employer’s Toolkit is intended to raise awareness to prospective employers of the unique and broad range of skills and behaviours that ex-Service men and women possess on re-entering civilian life, experience that would be an asset to any company. It provides a simple guide to employing Armed Forces veterans and reservists in Wales.

Five reasons to employ veterans in your business

  1. Veterans are highly qualified
  2. Veterans have valuable attitudes and are adaptable
  3. Veterans are skilled workers
  4. Veterans make highly effective employees
  5. Employing veterans is good for business and society

Recruiting well-trained, work-ready talent is a growing challenge for businesses in Wales. The most recent Welsh Government skills survey of Welsh employers showed that six per cent had at least one vacancy due to skill-shortage – equivalent to 9,000 vacancies across Wales1 .

Employing veterans in Wales

Employers are crying out for skilled staff with the right attitude and attributes to support their growing businesses and every year in Wales veterans are leaving the Armed Forces with exactly this mix. While many veterans go on to have successful careers after leaving the Service, this is not always the case. Veterans are comparatively under-represented in the workforce and working age veterans are nearly twice as likely to be unemployed as civilians2. Issues such as a lack of academic qualifications or difficulties for employers in recognising military experiences within corporate recruitment structures can be significant barriers to recruitment.

Business in the Community Cymru has developed this toolkit to help employers recognise the valuable skills and experiences that veterans can bring to their businesses and to understand the practical steps they can take to create a more veteran-friendly working environment. Inspire, Hire, Grow: How to Capitalise on Military Talent – An Employer’s Toolkit has been designed around the tried-andtested Business in the Community employment framework model of Inspire, Hire, Grow. It leads business through a straightforward process of developing a strategic, forces-friendly recruitment and retention programme.

The advice in this toolkit is relevant to businesses of all sizes and in any sector. To show this in practice, within this document, you’ll find inspiring examples of Welsh businesses which are benefiting already from the work they have done to employ and support veterans. Towards the end of the document you’ll find a simple checklist of positive actions you can take and a guide to some of the many expert organisations which can support and help you

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