Developing and Embedding Your Purpose

Developing and Embedding Your Purpose is a BITC member-only toolkit that shares practical steps businesses are taking to become purpose-led.

Business in the Community’s (BITC) Developing and Embedding Your Purpose member-only toolkit shares practical steps businesses can take to develop purpose and embed it into their organisations. You can also scroll down to read case studies to discover how some of the organisations we work with are embedding purpose into their business

How to become a purpose-driven business

BITC defines business purpose as “articulating why the business exists, beyond making a financial return, and how that benefits wider society.” A purpose-led business is one which states the positive difference it aims to make in the world, and ensures this is embedded in the organisation’s strategy and planning.

A purpose beyond profit is the foundation of a strong responsible business strategy. Purpose supports the positioning of responsible business within an organisational strategy, allowing a central focus to unite internal and external stakeholders.

Developing and Embedding Your Purpose sets out what this means in practice. It includes guidance on how to:

  • develop and review a purpose statement
  • create a robust strategy to support it
  • embed purpose into a business
  • access and make the most of BITC’s support.
Developing and embedding your purpose: case studies

BITC works with businesses at different stages of their purpose journey. Some have longstanding statements and are publicly recognised for being a leading purpose-driven business, others are only a few years into understanding and developing their approach. We believe that best practice can exist no matter where you are in this process.

Read our supporting case studies to discover how some of the organisations we work with are embedding purpose into their business. Developing and Embedding Your Purpose: case studies includes examples from Anglian Water, Direct Line Group, EMCOR UK, Iceland, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Robertson and Unilever.

Purpose and values at Business in the Community

BITC is enabling purpose-led businesses and brands as a genuine force for positive change. Moving away from a do-less-harm approach, to creating competitive advantages, meeting changing customer needs, and attracting, retaining and developing the best talent.

Purpose and values is part of BITC’s Healthy Business focus, which sits at the centre of BITC’s Responsible Business Map. The map guides our members on a journey of continuous improvement, working across the whole responsible business agenda. Find out more about BITC’s Responsible Business Map.