How to Deliver Mid-Life Career Reviews: A Human Resources Guide

This Business in the Community (BITC) toolkit is a Human Resources guide for implementing and managing a mid-life career review for older workers.

The guide aims to help bring older employees on an equal footing with their younger colleagues. A mid-life career review is not a performance review or an appraisal. It is a broader conversation about work, aspirations and challenges, now and in the future. It is an important step in understanding the needs, interests and aspirations of older workers; helping to maintain high employee engagement and productivity across all age groups. It can also support the engagement and wellbeing of employees, and with the right outcomes, keep them in work and productive for longer.


The population is ageing, birth-rate is declining and the Baby Boomer generation is headed towards retirement. By 2030, half of the UK’s adult population will be over 50-years-old.

This will affect the state’s ability to provide more healthcare, social care and pensions with a shrinking working-age populations’ taxes. In order to offset the significant impact that this will have on the economy, keeping people in age-friendly work for longer is crucial.

The employer needs to listen to their older workers, understand the challenges that they are facing — be it caring, health, an ageist culture, or lack of appropriate skills — and take action to provide better support.

Human Resources is crucial to the success and effectiveness of mid-life career reviews. It is a tool that can benefit both the organisation and the individual.

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