Supporting employee wellbeing at Anglian Water - Business in the Community

Supporting employee wellbeing at Anglian Water

In this video Anglian Water employees talk about their approach to ensuring people’s wellbeing is supported, regardless of their location or work role.

In partnership with Bupa, Business in the Community (BITC) is sharing ways businesses are prioritising employee mental health and wellbeing. This video is part of a series featuring members of the BITC Wellbeing Leadership Team, to support organisations to #BuildBackResponsibly.

How Anglian Water Group are enhancing their employees wellbeing

In this video Susannah Clements, Director of People and Change at Anglian Water talks about their approach ensuring their people are equally supported, regardless of their location or work role. Anglian Water employee Sarah Beattie, Maintenance Manager, also shares what this has meant for her and other employees against the backdrop of COVID-19.

What if your job was good for you?

People do not expect to be physically injured at work, and nor should their mental health be damaged. However, in the 12 months before BITC’s Mental Health at Work 2020 survey, developed in partnership with Bupa and the BITC Wellbeing Leadership Team, 41% of employees experienced poor mental health caused by work1. Although work can be part of the cause of poor mental health, it can also be part of the solution to improving it. COVID-19 has acted as a powerful catalyst to transform the working world. For example, employees who never dreamed of working remotely and flexibly are now doing so.

BITC’s What If Your Job Was Good For You? report identifies actions employers can take to transform wellbeing at work. It contains two calls to action for employers that build on lessons learnt from the pandemic.

  1. Treat mental health and safety with the same importance as physical health and safety.
  2. Collaborate with colleagues to enable employees to create their own ‘good jobs’ within organisational parameters.

The What If Your Job Was Good for You? report was delivered in partnership with the Business in the Community Wellbeing Leadership Team and Affinity Health at Work, and supported by CIPD

Next steps

  1. Business in the Community (2020) Mental Health at Work 2020: key findings.