Wales Business Class Partnership Stories - Business in the Community

Wales Business Class Partnership Stories

Through the stories of nine Business Class partnerships, this provides a snapshot of the interventions that have taken place in Wales.

Through the stories of nine Business Class partnerships, this document provides a snapshot of the range of interventions that have taken place through the programme in Wales. The document is written in both Welsh and English.

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About Business Class

Business in the Community’s (BITC) Business Class programme aims to ensure that a young person’s success at school and beyond is not predicted by where they are from, or their family’s working status. It delivers on this ambition by bringing together schools and businesses in long-term, needs-led partnerships. Activities are delivered across four areas.

  1. Leadership and governance.
  2. Curriculum.
  3. Enterprise and employability.
  4. Wider issues, such as attendance and health and wellbeing are also considered.

Uniquely, Business Class has bought partnerships in geographical clusters together. This has enabled collaboration to address common challenges, as well as the sharing of best practice and learning from each other.

About Business Class in Wales

Since 2015 BITC Cymru has worked in partnership with the Welsh Government and Careers Wales to deliver the Business Class programme across the country. The stories in this document illustrate some of the positive outcomes achieved by this relationship. It includes examples featuring British Gas/Nest, Buckingham Group, Castell Howell Foods, Celtic Horizons, Legal & General, Melin Homes, Principality Building Society, Scarlets and Trivallis.

BITC would like to thank all of the employers, schools, young people and partners that have taken part in the Business Class programme in Wales over the last six years.

Business Class today

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a period of uncertainty for young people, from a disrupted education to exam uncertainty and now a contracting jobs market. The challenge now, moving into recovery, is to enable and encourage business to harness these lessons and build excellent partnerships with schools and young people who are at risk of being left behind. If you are interested in finding out more contact the BITC Cymru team.