Future Skills and Good Work Taskforce - Business in the Community

Future Skills and Good Work Taskforce


To develop, test and promote practical steps businesses should take to ensure life-long learning and development is accessible and taken up by all employees. These steps should support positive transitions across job roles and sectors. The Future Skills and Good Work Taskforce want an inclusive technological transformation for all workers where people have the skills to thrive in a new world of work. Finally, the Taskforce helps employers embed the Skills Builder Universal Framework in pre-employment, recruitment and learning and development programmes.

Future Skills and Good Work Taskforce members build their collective knowledge and experience in these areas. They also lead the development of new campaign areas to drive change at scale.


Business in the Community’s (BITC) Future Skills and Good Work Taskforce:

  1. Champion a common narrative on skills to help employers identify essential skills more consistently and enable employees and jobseekers to articulate their skills better.
  2. Pilot practical approaches within their businesses to support employees in roles at risk due to automation to identify and build the skills needed to transition into new roles.
  3. Develop and champion BITC’s focus on employment and skills, feeding suggested focus areas up to the leadership team and taking the lead on areas of activity championed by the Employment and Skills Leadership Team.
  4. Drive innovation in the areas of future skills and good work, specifically in the area of lifelong learning and development, social mobility and the intersection with ‘green jobs’ and skills.

Chaired by Catherine Schlieben, Chief People Officer for Talent and NGV (National Grid Ventures), National Grid.