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Get Started On Age: from data to action

This Get started on age — from data to action toolkit will help organisations to analyse data on age, listen to employees, and create a more inclusive workforce.

At Business in the Community (BITC) we have developed our Age Friendly Employer framework and Look, Listen, Act approach, which is explained in our Look, Listen, Act: Getting started on agetoolkit. This framework will enable you to create a diverse and inclusive culture which capitalises on the skills and expertise of all your people.

BITC can also work with you as a member to help you analyse your data, listen to your employees, and choose the right actions to take for your business.

About the toolkit

This toolkit outlines advice on how to:

  • create an age profile
  • interpret your date and consider digging deeper
  • pinpoint where action is needed
  • identify your key findings

It also includes a ‘What to measure’ checklist.

The Age agenda at BITC

Understanding the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population is vital if we want to create productive, innovative and inclusive multi-generational teams as we all lead longer working lives.

The BITC Age partnership supports employers to respond effectively to the ageing population and the needs of older workers and to leverage the benefits of effective intergenerational working.

Discover more about how to unlock the opportunities of multigenerational teams with the support of BITC.

Key actions to take are also outlined in our accompanying resource Becoming an age friendly employer.


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