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National Inclusion Week: top five inclusion resources

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To celebrate National Inclusion Week, we have collated our top five resources to help your organisation promote inclusion, diversity and equality at work.

What is National Inclusion Week?

National Inclusion Week, founded by Inclusive Employers, raises awareness of and celebrates workplace inclusion. It aims to encourage employers and employees to consider and reflect on what they could be doing better and celebrate the successes they have achieved through diversity and inclusion strategies. 

This year’s theme, ‘Take Action Make Impact’, urges organisations to consider the practical steps they can take and the positive effect these actions can have on marginalised colleagues – a message Business in the Community (BITC) delivers throughout our diversity and inclusion campaigns.

Business in the Community’s work on inclusion

BITC supports employers in creating genuinely inclusive working cultures where everyone feels valued and accepted. Our work is focused on helping Black, Asian, Mixed Race and other ethnically diverse people, older employers and on promoting gender balance in the workplace.

We work with employers to create a workplace culture where employees feel like they belong, have a voice, and can be their true selves.

Top five inclusion resources

Whether you are a seasoned diversity advocate or embarking on this transformative journey, our top five resources focused on inclusion and diversity will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to make a meaningful difference.

  • Disability Inclusion in the Workplace: This factsheet outlines the benefits of disability inclusion and provides actionable insights for businesses looking to inspire, hire, and foster the growth of talented disabled employees.
  • Everyday Inclusion: what really works?: This report explores the evidence-based actions employers can adopt to create inclusive working cultures where every employee can thrive.
  • Opening Doors: the five keys to inclusive recruitment: We challenge employers to commit to at least three actions to make their recruitment processes more inclusive. Are you ready to become an Opening Doors employer?
  • Race at Work: Black voices: This race equality report examines how employers can benefit from prioritising their black talent’s inclusion and practical engagement.
  • Everyday Inclusion at Santander: Gain valuable insights from Santander as they outline the various support networks within their organisation that promote wellbeing and inclusion, creating a safe space for all employees.


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              Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

              The Business in the Community inclusive recruitment Opening doors campaign identifies five keys to unlocking employment to ensure that jobs are accessible to all.

              BITC is asking businesses to participate in the campaign by identifying at least three specific actions to take forward over the next three years and share the progress with BITC.

              The actions should be selected from the list that underpins the five principles, developed in consultation with a broad range of charities that support the disadvantaged groups targeted by this campaign.  

              Learn more about the five keys to inclusive recruitment

              There is no cost to becoming an Opening Doors Employer, and the campaign is open to all employers – Business in the Community members and non-members.